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    Is it good to use plate heat exchanger in industrial chiller

    2020-11-03 18:45:07

    There are many types of evaporators in industrial water chillers, such as coil evaporator, shell and tube evaporator and plate heat exchanger, etc. among them, plate heat exchanger is widely used in industrial chillers in food and chemical industry due to its compact structure, small volume, strong and high heat exchange efficiency.

    Plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger which is brazed by metal sheet with certain corrugated shape under vacuum condition. The circulating liquid flows through the gap between plates and carries out heat exchange. It is commonly used for liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor heat exchange. Compared with traditional tubular heat exchanger, the main advantages of plate heat exchanger as condenser or evaporator assembly of industrial chiller are as follows:

    1. Its size and weight are one fifth to one sixth of the traditional tubular heat exchanger;

    2. High working pressure. Plate heat exchanger is made of stainless steel sheet metal brazed in vacuum environment. It has many solder joints with high strength and high pressure resistance. The allowable working pressure of many plate heat exchangers can reach above 30bar;

    3. It is not easy to cause damage due to freezing. Plate heat exchanger has many concave and convex surfaces, so the circulating water keeps turbulent state and is not easy to freeze. Compared with the traditional shell and tube evaporator, it can bear more pressure caused by freezing;

    4. Good unit. Multiple plate heat exchangers can be used separately or arbitrarily combined to meet the requirements of heat transfer;

    The advantages of plate heat exchanger make it widely used in small chillers and clean medium cooling applications, but it is not recommended for industrial chillers with poor circulating water quality or large demand for refrigeration capacity. Users can choose according to different needs.



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