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    2020-09-08 00:00:00

    The advantages and disadvantages of the spiral plate heat exchanger are already in front, so they won't be repeated, otherwise it will be redundant, but it will take some time to explain some new knowledge so that you can continue to learn, so that you can master and understand more information in this area, so that you can better use it in practice and get satisfactory results.

    We must know some spiral plate heat exchanger, otherwise it will affect its use. Therefore, the editor will explain its main functions.

    Some precautions for spiral plate heat exchanger are as follows:

    (1) The connecting pipe on the shell should adopt A-shaped structure, which can reduce the local resistance and then the total resistance, so as to improve the design flow rate and heat transfer capacity.

    (2) The nominal pressure of spiral plate heat exchanger is usually 4,0.6116 and 2.5. The unit is MPa, and the materials are carbon steel and stainless steel, and the appropriate one is selected according to the actual situation.

    (3) The spiral plate heat exchanger can be used in combination, but if mixed, the channels should be one in series and one in parallel.

    Due to the layout characteristics of spiral plate heat exchanger, it has self-cleaning function and should not be blocked. The self-cleaning function will be affected after plugging, and any heat exchanger is not easy to be blocked.

    Especially for plate heat exchanger (including spiral plate), once the blockage is serious, the heat transfer function will be affected, and the cleaning is also difficult. The whole heat exchanger can be scrapped. The blockage of tubular heat exchanger will also seriously affect the heat transfer, but it is convenient to clean the tube.



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