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    In order to adapt to the development of the company, to prove that the company has the ability to stably provide products that meet the requirements of customers and applicable laws and regulations, and continuously improve the process and product quality of our company through the effective application of the system, and continuously enhance the satisfaction of customers, our company has established a perfect quality management system. The main quality management systems include:

    ◇ IS09001 quality management system


    QQ截图20200811165431.jpg        Since the ISO 9000 series standards were issued in 1987, the Technical Committee for quality management and quality assurance (TC176) of the international organization for Standardization (ISO) has undergone four revisions, including 1994 edition, 2000 edition, 2008 edition and 2015 edition, forming today's iso9001:2015 quality management system. Our company has established a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system - requirements, and obtained the system certification of quality evaluation company in 2004. Up to now, our company has continuously improved and improved our ISO9001 quality management system. Through the establishment, effective implementation and improvement of the quality management system, the quality of our products has been highly praised by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

    ◇ Pressure vessel manufacturing quality system 

            Our company has the manufacturing license of China D1 and D2 special equipment, and it is in accordance with the basic requirements of the quality assurance system for manufacturing, installation, transformation and maintenance of special equipment and regulation 549 of the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment No. 1. The regulations and standards such as the safety and Technical Supervision Regulations for fixed pressure vessels, the manufacturing license conditions for boiler and pressure vessels have established the manufacturing quality assurance system and the design quality assurance system of pressure vessel. The system documents include four levels: the first level: quality assurance manual, which defines the quality policy, quality objectives, management responsibilities and quality assurance system The second level is management procedures (21 in total) and supporting documents of each department; the third level is technical documents and executive documents; the fourth level is quality records and certificates.

    ◇ ASME quality assurance system

            Our company is based on ASME standard issued by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of boiler and pressure vessel Our company's ASME quality system has been established according to the requirements of NBIC code issued by inspectors, and the design, manufacture and field assembly of ASME code products are carried out according to the requirements of the system and ASME Section VIII Division I and II, and the ASME code products are maintained according to the NBIC code. Our company has established ASME system with the help of TUV rhein and obtained u, steel seal authorization certificate.

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