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    Your current location : Home page >> Product display >> Automatic filter

     1、 Picture and schematic diagram of automatic filtering device

    The company's automatic filtering device is divided into vertical and horizontal two types.


    Horizontal diagram


    Vertical diagram

    ① -- motor and reducer ② -- filter body ③ -- first stage spiral impeller

    ④ -- differential pressure transmitter; ⑤ -- secondary spiral impeller; ⑥ -- anticorrosion and antifouling electrode; ⑦ -- electric control box; 8 -- automatic discharge valve


    2、 Working principle and function of automatic filter

    The device sends out signals from the differential pressure transmitter, and rotates the main shaft of the spiral impeller through the motor (variable frequency motor) and the speed control transmission device. The mesh impeller on the main shaft intercepts the impurities (solid) in the flowing medium (liquid). At the same time, the impurities in the rotary scraper filter net are transported to the bottom of the device through the rotating impeller, so as to achieve the effect of automatic filtration (solid-liquid separation) It is transported to the specified place through other liquids or gases with certain pressure.

    The device consists of a differential pressure transmitter, a rotary filter, a filter and a control box. If necessary, anti-corrosion and anti fouling electrode group can be installed.

    This device is suitable for water users of rivers, lakes and rivers, such as papermaking, pharmaceutical, textile, petrochemical, power generation and other industries, as well as ship navigation, especially for unmanned and intelligent ships. It is also suitable for other occasions where solid-liquid separation is needed.

    3、 Features of automatic filtering device

    1. With large filtration capacity, it can work continuously and realize the unmanned management of the device.

    2. Special anti-corrosion and anti fouling electrode group, with special anti-corrosion and antifouling coating, can effectively prevent the adhesion of marine organisms and aquatic organisms.

    3. Wide range of pressure application, especially suitable for pump front and high pressure occasions.

    4. Simple principle and structure, low cost.

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